MSLS Part 4 – Tengku Razaleigh’s TED Worthy Speech and Other Stories

Tengku Razaleigh is the Former Minister of Finance, now Member of Parliament of Gua Musang. His officiating address made it worth waking up in the wee hours of the morning to catch the early morning train to KL, in time for his speech. On the other hand, our current Minister of International Trade and Industry, … Continue reading

MSLS, Part 3 : Mouhyeedeen Potong Steam and Other Stories

‘Potong Steam’ literally means cutting steam. It is a term used for someone who kills the enthusiasm of others. What happened was that everyone was looking forward to a Q & A session with Mouhyeedeen after his keynote address. After approximately 5 minutes of introduction, 80 seconds of the main body (of the speech) and … Continue reading

MSLS , Part 1: Where people congregate in suit and ties on happy sunny weekends

I was placed into a group of awesome people for discussion. All of us ‘clicked’ rather easily, considering it was the first time most of us met. We lovingly called our group leader “Boss”. The elected secretary (was a guy) happily shifted all work to her (it was a lady Boss) with total success, be … Continue reading

MSLS : a prologue

The reason why I attend such events is more of the networking opportunities rather than the speeches themselves. Though I must add that Tengku Razaleigh’s opening address was TED worthy, really. I shall bug some of my seniors in the committee members for a video of his speech. Anyway, I made acquaintance with a whole … Continue reading