All Hell Breaks Loose

Dear God, It is tough to be good. I really, really admire the Prophet Rasulullah (peace be upon him) for his patience in handling the Jahilliah people who threw shit in his face, tortured his closest friends, numerous attempt to assassinate him et cetera, et cetera. It only takes a simple human ignorance to piss … Continue reading

Mortar and Pestle

´╗┐Dear readers, apologies for the long absence. The holidays have drove my mind numb and lethargic. I am now reduced to a puny lazy bum, leading a sedentary lifestyle, accumulating the calories in all the strategic places and playing Neopets. Read on to discover my very unexciting out of school lifestyle. I made jenahak fish … Continue reading

Anatomy of a Burnt Cupcake

Today I added a flair at the end of the school song. Today I laid off anime, cold turkey. Today I slaved in the kitchen. Today I successfully burnt over a dozen cupcakes. What a wonderful day! I made two batches of cupcakes today. The first batch was baked at lower heat than specified by … Continue reading