Anime Overdose

I became a hermit, a recluse, coming out only for meals. I became an addict, pausing only to relieve myself or to perform my prayers. I stay in my pajamas all day long. I stay up long after everyone else have gone into deep slumber, immersing myself in a world where slain heroes are resurrected, … Continue reading

MAGE Festa! – My First Cosplay Event

I am a self-professed semi-Otaku. I go “KAWAIII!!!” over ‘moe’-ness (moe- Japanese slang for cute).I start drooling in an Anime store. My eyes linger over anime DVD’s while my mum browses for books in Popular. My ringtone is Bleach’s first opening song, Asterisk by Orange Range. So when a friend of mine said something about … Continue reading