All Hell Breaks Loose

Dear God, It is tough to be good. I really, really admire the Prophet Rasulullah (peace be upon him) for his patience in handling the Jahilliah people who threw shit in his face, tortured his closest friends, numerous attempt to assassinate him et cetera, et cetera. It only takes a simple human ignorance to piss … Continue reading

MSLS : a prologue

The reason why I attend such events is more of the networking opportunities rather than the speeches themselves. Though I must add that Tengku Razaleigh’s opening address was TED worthy, really. I shall bug some of my seniors in the committee members for a video of his speech. Anyway, I made acquaintance with a whole … Continue reading

1920s Shanghai

“You look very elegant,” said the Principal’s wife. “Very 1920s Shanghai.” Hence the title for this blog entry. Last night was nothing short of uneventful; the constant ‘lens cover error’ on my camera and the biatch-y glance from the hotel staff. Taking out somebody’s contact lenses, the sore feet and best of all, the camwhoring. … Continue reading