Survival Kit

Ready for a blast in Mantin?  Check that you have these goods in your trunk.

1.Food – The dining hall serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Finger foods are served for tea from Mondays to Fridays. So why bring food? Life in Mantin is action packed so you will most probably get hungry in between meals or in the middle of the night.

I'm a big fan of these.

You might want to bring:  a huge packet/tin of Milo, instant coffee, instant noodles, crackers, peanut butter, cereal bars, chocolate etc anything that will satisfy your sugar cravings at odd hours. The school has a ‘Tuck Shop’ which sells all these stuff and you can buy bread there too. I prefer to get all these stuff from the supermarket as it is cheaper to buy in bulk. FYI : chewing gum is NOT allowed.

2.Cutleries-You don’t need these in the dining hall. You’ll need these in the boarding house if you want to make some instant noodles or coffee. It’s less troublesome to have your own than to borrow.

Suggestion : Melamine bowls/plate/spoon/fork (won’t break if you accidentally drop it), porcelain mug (so you can pour hot water into it), Water bottle (recommended about 2 liter capacity-so you don’t have to get out of your room so often just for a drink of water). For muslim students, try to avoid sharing utensils with your non-muslim friends as some of them use it to eat pork/pork products. NOTE: Pork is strictly NOT allowed here and is not served in the Dining Hall, but some people are just plain ignorant and insensitive.

The toiletry basket.

3.Toiletries-bring a small bucket or shower basket to contain all the shampoo, body wash, cleanser etc. Toilet slippers. Most of the houses have common bathrooms and it’ll be easier for you to carry everything in a basket/bucket (especially if you use a lot of beauty care products). Bring a small/medium packet of laundry detergent for all the little laundries (the unmentionables). Girls, do stock your cupboard with sanitary pads. For the fair skinned, you might want to bring lots of sunscreen lotion, and a hair-dryer to dry your tresses in a jiffy.

Bring lots of stationaries.

4.Stationaries-sixth formers will want to stock up on writing pads. Notebooks are provided by the school. You can get them from the Kolej Shop (that’s where they sell all the uniforms, etc). Bring lots of pens, coloured pens, pencils, erasers. For Edexcel and CIE examinations I would recommend using black ballpoint pen. Don’t forget your mathematical set and calculator (preferably a CASIO fx-570MS, Texas or those fancy calculators with graph and differentiation functions are not allowed for exams). Do not bring liquid papers or white outs as they are not allowed in school.

5.Small padlocks-you’ll need these to lock your cupboards. You can hand over your spare keys and or valuables with your prospective housemaster/housemistress. Bring a nice keychain to put all your keys together. Do not keep your keys under your bed/pillow/shoes.

6.Medications-if you are asthmatic, or prone to serious allergic reactions bring along some prescribed medications and inform the housemaster/housemistress and the matron. For forms five and below, all medications are to be kept by the matron or housemaster/housemistress unless you need to have it with you all the time. Cough syrup, sleeping pills – leave it to the housemaster/housemistress or the matron.

Laundry basket

a small pail

Laundry bag (provided by the school)

7.Laundry-Laundry service is provided daily from Monday to Saturdays. It is inclusive of the school fees. Dry cleaning is also provided with a small additional fee. Bring a laundry/permanent marker to mark your clothes with your initials and laundry number (assigned to all students) . It is useful to have a laundry basket to stash all your dirty clothes inside. Bring a small pail and some detergent for washing your undies (not recommended to be sent to laundry) or for cleaning stains on shirt etc. LABEL, label and label all your belongings. It will not prevent your things from going missing, but at least you’ll know if someone else is wearing your socks.

Every other students will have different needs so the list of necessary items to bring will not be the same for everyone. Feel free to leave comments and tell me what you think.


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