List of Sports and Activities

The school is an opportunity for you to grab and learn something new. We have two football field, one rugby pavilion, a hockey field and even a cricket pavilion. You don’t have to pay to play the sports here, unless you want to do Taekwon-do, Karate-do, Fencing, or Golf Course. These activities come at an additional fee as external coaches are hired.

List of Sports

  1. Swimming

    Make a splash! Swimming Gala 2007

  2. Badminton
  3. Squash
  4. Tennis
  5. Table-tennis
  6. Football
  7. Rugby
  8. Girl’s Football
  9. Girl’s Rugby
  10. Hockey
  11. Netball
  12. Basketball
  13. Softball
  14. Table-Tennis
  15. Cross-country

Clubs and Societies

  1. International Youth Award (IYA)

    Unleash your inner scientist - Science Invention Society

  2. Model United Nations (MUN)
  3. Forensics
  4. People to People International (PTPI)
  5. Interact Club
  6. Malay Cultural Dance
  7. Chinese Cultural Dance
  8. Indian Cultural Dance
  9. Red Crescent Society
  10. Photography Club
  11. Computer Club
  12. Ballroom Dancing
  13. Hip-hop/Fusion Dancing
  14. Science and Invention Society
  15. Chess Club

The list goes on. You will find something that interests you while you are here. The school nurtures innovative and proactive students by encouraging students to organise events or start a club. It is also good chance for the students to allow themselves to broaden their experience besides adding value to their resume or personal statements after they leave school.


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