My Minions

I just love teasing my juniors back in the house. I’ll call them all sorts of names in the name of stress relief. I drive them nuts with all sorts of lyrics I make up spontaneously. The most agonizing would have been the parody of James Morrison’s Broken Strings. You can’t study with broken brains/ … Continue reading

Missing Mantin

Some of the things I will miss after leaving Mantin will be the pampering and the luxury of a private boarding school such as : Free Supply of Toilet Rolls – I am rather hesitant to use the restrooms if no tissue is provided. It makes me uneasy not being able to dry myself properly … Continue reading

My Thwarted Evil Plans

It was 11.00am when I snapped from my slumber. Oh  sh*t! I was late for Speech Day, when I was supposed to play the school song. I texted my mum, “Ma, did anyone play the school song?” She replied, “Yeah, where are you?” I texted back, ” I bangun lambat (I woke up late), will … Continue reading

Last Sunday in Mantin

I took a break today after fasting for nearly a week. It was a good thing too as I went to see the doctor today to diagnose my swollen eye and he prescribed some tablets to reduce the swelling. The best thing was that the Dining Hall served pancake, half-boiled egg, and roti bom with … Continue reading

Prelude of the End

Six years, four months, twenty-two and half days. Six years, four months, twenty-three days. Take away about nine months of school holidays and one-half of every schooling week weekends. That is how long I have been in this school somewhere in Mantin. Today is the very last day I will be attending classes, and here … Continue reading