Failed Appeal

It was a devastating week for me when I got news of my CIE A-level results, and the correspondence with my first choice university saw no hope at all when I tried sending in my appeal. I was even joking with a friend that, if I had been in London at that moment, I would … Continue reading

Buh-bye London

As my Facebook homepage is littered with congratulations or what not, the peace of the afternoon (I just woke up) was shattered by the fact that I have just missed the grades for UCL. And also Bath, my insurance. Feeling crap? Oh yeah. Hanging thyself? No. Not just yet. My dream job is to work … Continue reading

Brick Wall

The brick wall in this context refers to a challenge or setback. Everybody experiences a brick wall every once in a while. Whilst the frequency of one’s encounter with it varies from one person to another, unless you get over or around it you cannot continue with your object of pursuit. What do you when … Continue reading