Anatomy of a Burnt Cupcake

Today I added a flair at the end of the school song. Today I laid off anime, cold turkey. Today I slaved in the kitchen. Today I successfully burnt over a dozen cupcakes. What a wonderful day! I made two batches of cupcakes today. The first batch was baked at lower heat than specified by … Continue reading

The Case of the Wrong Number

Everybody would have had their fair share of ‘wrong number’ incidences. Everybody would have different methods of dealing with unwanted strangers sending them text messages. Well, this is mine. I dialed a friend’s number wrong and the call was picked up by a man in drunken stupor. “Hello?” “Mumblejumblefumblemumblemumblembumle.” “Hello, is this Daryl?” “Siapa tuh? … Continue reading

For the Sake of Looking Good

Klink! Klank! Wobble, wobble, wobble…oh, oh, oh, oh OOOFFF! Sorry monsieur, madame. . .pardon moi foot.  Let me tell you this  – I’m a novice at wearing heels. I have a high probability of toppling over whenever my heel is elevated than my toe. Only God (and my mum) knows how I survived my ballet … Continue reading

Silent Agony

If you were invigilating the Chemistry 9701/42 today, you would have seen the faces I made during the exam. My facial muscles seemed to do almost as much work as my neurons did; twitch, stretch, pull, contract, and wrinkle reflecting the degree of terribleness of the question. My hair began to attract the charges in … Continue reading

Procrastination 101 – Egging the Cat to Eat the Frog

No, this is not a saying. People have various ways to kill time, and this is mine. This was what I was trying to do 24 hours ago. I came out of the Common Room after watching the idiot box for two and a half-hours. Then I saw…a Frog! No. I didn’t freak out. I … Continue reading

The Butterscotch Effect – Too much of a good thing

Definition : The emission of energy (kilo-joule) from glucose and caffeine from the absorption of Gardenia Butterscotch bread and tea. Where butterscotch supposedly brings joy and delight, it was otherwise for me. Maybe that’s what you call ‘too much of a good thing’. Blog continues below. I went to the Tuckshop yesterday to buy bread … Continue reading