Failed Appeal

It was a devastating week for me when I got news of my CIE A-level results, and the correspondence with my first choice university saw no hope at all when I tried sending in my appeal. I was even joking with a friend that, if I had been in London at that moment, I would … Continue reading

Buh-bye London

As my Facebook homepage is littered with congratulations or what not, the peace of the afternoon (I just woke up) was shattered by the fact that I have just missed the grades for UCL. And also Bath, my insurance. Feeling crap? Oh yeah. Hanging thyself? No. Not just yet. My dream job is to work … Continue reading

Stress Relief #101 – Kuih Kapit

I feel so screwed lately. I can’t seem to focus and concentrate not more than 20 minutes and my math is asunder. I’ve got exams on Friday night and yeah, I’m trying not to lose my sanity in frantic panic. This is where my precious jar of kuih kapit comes to the rescue. Kuih kapit … Continue reading

Silent Agony

If you were invigilating the Chemistry 9701/42 today, you would have seen the faces I made during the exam. My facial muscles seemed to do almost as much work as my neurons did; twitch, stretch, pull, contract, and wrinkle reflecting the degree of terribleness of the question. My hair began to attract the charges in … Continue reading

The Butterscotch Effect – Too much of a good thing

Definition : The emission of energy (kilo-joule) from glucose and caffeine from the absorption of Gardenia Butterscotch bread and tea. Where butterscotch supposedly brings joy and delight, it was otherwise for me. Maybe that’s what you call ‘too much of a good thing’. Blog continues below. I went to the Tuckshop yesterday to buy bread … Continue reading