Don’t Stop Believin’

My flight to London tomorrow will have to be cancelled as I still have not got my visa yet.

I’m really, really tired of waiting.

However, hope is not all lost. Flights to London is still available and the last date of acceptance to university is the 18th of October. In the meantime, mummy and I will chill out at the roadside stall.

The Nasi Lemak here is just superb (although it cannot beat my mother’s xD). Come later than 11am and there’ll be none left.

On the way to visit my grandfather, I bumped into one of my English teachers 😀

My grandfather’s condition has stabilised, but he is still being monitored for high blood pressure. I hope it’ll get back to normal soon.


Here’s something I found on the hospital’s notice board.

Peace out!

2 Responses to “Don’t Stop Believin’”
  1. clarence says:

    Don’t stop believing 🙂 keep your fingers cross, cheers!

  2. RS says:

    LOVE that quote thingy. So deep.

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