Happier Raya Moments

Every year I look forward to see my annoying cousins during Raya. I hardly see them at any time of the year as I will usually be in boarding school (which has holidays when the government schools are having school sessions).

I had a group of engineers rocking the house that weekend, and licking clean the bowl of sambal. Mummy’s cooking was so potent we were all bloated and sleepy after the awesome meal of Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rendang. Not to forget my SUPERB cupcakes, NYAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, and my favourite Chemistry teacher came around too 😀

I also got to meet another friend of my mum’s who knew me since I was a baby. It has been ages since we’ve seen each other. We went to Delicious for lunch, and after a hearty meal we had Banoffie Pie for desert! Soooo gooooodddd!!!!!

Anyway, I just found out my visa application was rejected and shortly after, my grandfather was diagnosed with a mild heart attack. Further blood test will reveal his actual condition, which will be out hopefully tomorrow.

Dear God, please let my grandpa get well soon.


2 Responses to “Happier Raya Moments”
  1. RS says:

    Ya Raabi. Rejected? Seriously? Oh dear. I hope you can get it done again. Just pray that all will go well and honestly, if you’re patient things will fall into place.

    Let fate take care of your grandfather. Sometimes kan, when it comes to the elderly, the best we can do is just give them love and take care of them. The rest is up to God. InsyaAllah, he will be better soon. =)

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