All Hell Breaks Loose

Dear God,

It is tough to be good. I really, really admire the Prophet Rasulullah (peace be upon him) for his patience in handling the Jahilliah people who threw shit in his face, tortured his closest friends, numerous attempt to assassinate him et cetera, et cetera.

It only takes a simple human ignorance to piss me off. Dear God, please give me the extra ounce of patience just like you blessed all of us with during Ramadhan. Please forgive this lowly being of yours for the insolence which follows.

Just because it is Hari Raya does not give you the license to eat at other people expenses. At 9.00pm today, I had 30 relatives (related by blood, but mummy and I are not very close to them) marching into my grandfather’s house sitting down and expected to be served without even batting an eyelid. None of them made the effort to make small talk, asked how my grandfather or my mother or my uncles who were present how were they doing.

I find this really unpleasant and inconsiderate as they did not even bother to call to inform us they are coming, and my grandfather is really old and is not as strong as he once was. Thirty people, THIRTY PEOPLE!

Mummy had a smart idea of placing all the dishes on the table and let them take self-serve, buffet style. When my grandpa announced that they can take the food, ladies first, one of the adolescent boys gave the dirty look to him (they are so used to being served, ppfffffftttt ). That. Pissed. Me. Off. To. No. End.

Note : Do not insult my mother or my grandfather when I’m around. You’ll never know what hit you.

Truthfully, I have been muttering curses since the moment they step foot into the house. I worked like a slave in the kitchen for a while just to serve all of them, and not helping much were the damn slow and vain (they had their hair done up and wore dangling earings.WTF)  house maids my aunt left behind to help out with house work. Their (the said 30 people) intention was only to fill their tummies to the brim (like they haven’t been eating for a month), get some green packets from my grandfather and leave. Celaka….and out of those 30 peeps none of them gave me a single cent of duit raya.

Dude, this is not some Menteri Besar punya open house okay. At least have the social grace to pretend to be interested in our health, or whether I was still studying, how many grandchildren my grandfather has, because we’re still relatives (no matter how much I would love to disregard you people). That way, we won’t feel so pissed off and we can still call it a bonding session because we discover a little bit more about each other. Isn’t that what visits to open house should be all about, mengeratkan silaturrahim.

Today was a record. Usually they would come at around 9pm and leave when it is nearly midnight. Poor grandfather of mine, have to stay up just to entertain those buggers. Not to mention the cleaning up we had to do after they left. Thanks to my mum’s brilliant idea to do it buffet style, the party was over before 10pm. Phewwww.

Next time, I’m gonna black out the whole house and pretend we are all out. HA!

Happy Aidilfitri fellow readers, and hopefully all of you had a great time 🙂

4 Responses to “All Hell Breaks Loose”
  1. Yong says:

    I TELL YOU! if it is me i sure DAMN GERAM man! you go girl, never mind, it is raya now, haha, my grandparents also have the same principle, ‘never get angry and do unhappy things’ during raya, haha.’ after that only KABOOM! i tell u, god will bless u, not them, haha. siao man. lol.

  2. RS says:

    urghh. thats sickening! Tak pe lah, Nadhirah. Sabar aje. What goes around comes around. It’s gracious to not stoop as low as them. Hope you had a relatively good Hari Raya nonetheless. Forgive me for any wrongdoings dear friend!

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