Don’t Stop Believin’

My flight to London tomorrow will have to be cancelled as I still have not got my visa yet. I’m really, really tired of waiting. However, hope is not all lost. Flights to London is still available and the last date of acceptance to university is the 18th of October. In the meantime, mummy and … Continue reading

Happier Raya Moments

Every year I look forward to see my annoying cousins during Raya. I hardly see them at any time of the year as I will usually be in boarding school (which has holidays when the government schools are having school sessions). I had a group of engineers rocking the house that weekend, and licking clean … Continue reading

All Hell Breaks Loose

Dear God, It is tough to be good. I really, really admire the Prophet Rasulullah (peace be upon him) for his patience in handling the Jahilliah people who threw shit in his face, tortured his closest friends, numerous attempt to assassinate him et cetera, et cetera. It only takes a simple human ignorance to piss … Continue reading