The recent news on The Star “EPF to Invest RM4.88 bil in UK Properties” simply makes me want to go “Allelujah!” and give a thunderous applause. Just last week, my mother and I and a close friend of hers popped into the KWSP branch in Kuala Lumpur (thinking it was the headquarters, internet can be so misleading sometimes) only to discover that she cannot take out her hard-earned-money of God knows how many years of toiling in the corporate world because of some pompously idiotic clause/statement/prerequisite or whatever you call it, under the Children’s Education Purpose. Now you tell me they want to invest all that money earned through blood and sweat without telling us. What nonsense!

I know very little about investments and such, but it doesn’t take a Masters or Degree in Economics to know that larger investments means bigger risks. Even the Chinese towkays (with no qualifications whatsoever, lounge in singlet all day but drive a Mercedes and owns a nationwide business) down the street understand that. Not to mention the annual revenue the KWSP benefits from the deceased who somehow forgot to name their nominees OR the data retrieval system had simply failed to work and all that information is somehow lost in cyber space.

Another piece of news which deserves more expletives with it is the “RM500 Duit Raya to be Paid on Wednesday”. Quoting the news article, “The Government will pay the RM500 in special payment to civil servants on Wednesday, the Public Service Department (PSD) said”. What special payment? Having seen how inefficient they are, their (IELTS=fail) English, their kids thrashing around the hotels every time the government hold a ‘motivation’ program or family day for their servants once again I would like to make myself heard, that was paid for by my mother’s hard earned wages, as well has hundreds of thousands of other people in the private sector who are charged more than just a few thousand ringgit per annum in tax.

There are a lot more people out there who would benefit greater even with that meager sum of RM500. They might as well give it to the Town Council workers who work their butts off cleaning the roadside after Merdeka celebration and to them who clean the public toilets (perhaps it will give them a boost of motivation to do a better job?).

All these government people should feel grateful that I will be leaving soon to further my studies abroad. Stay a little while longer in Malaysia and I might probably end up in the ISA.

Yang benar,

Saya Anak Malaysia.

  1. RS says:

    you tell em guurl!

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