Visa Application – Part Two

By the time I actually got to submit my documents and my biometrics taken it was nearly 5pm in the afternoon, and I have been there since 8.30am. I made several updates on my Facebook profile page albeit illegally, as you are not supposed to be using your mobile phone or any electronic device at the visa application centre, which highly contributed to my extreme unproductiveness on that fated day. The whole duration of waiting could have been spent chilling at the Petronas Art Gallery or a movie-thon at KLCC.

The staff at the VFS really should go for some customer service training prior to sitting behind the desks and receiving our application. They were so unfriendly to the point that I wanted to play an ukulele and sing a sshtupid song about the whole visa application thing. The chorus part should be the elderly parents who ended up squatting on the floor as they were tired of standing for hours in wait. The bridge should be the fact that only two counters out of six were open when there was at least a hundred people in line.

Dear VFS, where have you been. How can you not expect your centre to be flooded with people at this time of the year. Your staff’s expression is like “WTF is there so many people here!” and they are racist because they let their own people first (I saw with my own eyeballs that an Indian girl and her father cut queue to have their documents checked first) and the way they do their work is so damn bloody slow. Parents should be reimbursed their parking fee because you made them wait with no proper place to rest their weary bones (plus it’s the fasting month, standing up for hours with little to occupy yourself with makes it even more agonising). My mother had to pay RM30 for her parking, for God’s sake be ashamed of yourselves, VFS!

Pardon the harsh language littered throughout my posts, but the staff (whom I was attended to) at the visa application centre really deserve all that crap thrown in their faces.

Peace out!

One Response to “Visa Application – Part Two”
  1. RS says:

    Ok, NOW I’m scared of doing my visa. Eeks! Was it thaat bad? GAHHH.

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