Visa Application – Part Three

I wore a yellow shirt and a huge smirk and I can bet you, I was the liveliest person at the visa application centre after two hours had passed. More than half of the people in wait had fallen asleep or zoned out , out of boredom. I had been talking non-stop to whoever was sitting next to me and as a result, I met quite a number of interesting people (though I cannot remember their names –  that, is not my forte).

I met a chinese who brought and read a Bible and is not a Christian. I met a sweet girl who is going to do Medical Biology at Edinburgh and feels faint at the sight of blood. I chatted up a fairly good looking guy from Taylors who is going to LSE and listened with genuine interest as I spoke about Karim Raslan. I saw a few familiar faces and gave off several warnings about the long wait to submit the visa application. A girl next to me (whom I thought was younger than me but is actually not) and I scrutinised the staff handling the applications for more than one hour.  I spoke to several people who are pursuing their masters in Art in Birmingham, International Business at Oxford Brookes and something else (I forgot what is was) respectively.

Had I my computer and an internet connection during the wait, I would have probably added everyone’s Facebook out of boredom. I would also have written an even more accurate account of the visa application process. I would have finished editing (I mean real editing, not just sephia tone the picture, round the borders or add a few words. I mean perfecting the colour level, touch ups, composition and all that jazz) at least a dozen pictures. I would have settled my accommodation arrangement ( I have yet to do that). I could have kept myself updated with the latest chapter of Bleach and Pandora Hearts. Hmmmphh….

I also saw it as a good opportunity to make money, really. The photocopying service (provided by the VFS) cost 30 sen per page and there were ample number of students who have not made copies of their original documents or forgot to print their CAS. Forgot your form and they’ll happily charge you RM10 for a new one. Damn….

I would have loved to set up a mini-office outside. All I needed was my computer, a printer-scanner and a broadband. RM10 to print the CAS and 20 sen per page for any other things needed to be printed or made copies. Brilliant idea, don’t you think so?


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