Visa Application-Part One

I am extremely unhappy with the way things are done at the visa application centre. From the failed air-con to the grumpy staff, I was more concern of the parents who had to stand for hours while waiting for their children. There was no place designated for the aging peeps to rest themselves as the unbelievably-inefficient-bloody-arsed staff took their own sweet time doing their work.

I do not understand why it takes five freaking hours of waiting simply to have my documents checked and arranged in order. They did not even bother to go through my forms to ensure you have ticked all the right boxes, filled in the right details, signed the right boxes et cetera, et cetera. Warning, racist content follows :

The bloody Indian who supposedly checked my papers had the cheek to point out that the letter stating that my mother can use her EPF money to pay my university fees and cost of living abroad cannot be accepted.

My response was a loud “WHY?” with the intonation that sums up “WTF”, “screw you!” and “bloody hell!” in one syllable. I cannot remember her response but I remember her eye grew as large as my dinner plate and her eyebrow disappeared  above her forehead. I said in reply;

The Tier 4 Policy Guidance explicitly said that the funding for your studies abroad can be from a personal bank account under your or your parents name, a public buildings fund or a financial sponsor, that is a company or a government scholarship.

She insisted that the letter cannot be accepted. I continued;

As far as I am concerned, my mother is over fifty which means she is eligible to withdraw her EPF funds anytime she likes. Besides, the letter which is written and signed by an officer clearly states that she can use the money to fund my studying abroad.

I think I got her flabbergasted as she started addressing me as “Madam”. She went on defensive mode and told me if my application got rejected, it was not her problem.

That was fine by me. I wished her a nice day as I proceeded to the next  stage of visa application.

3 Responses to “Visa Application-Part One”
  1. Azee says:

    The reason it’s so tough, so very tedious is simple.
    Sadly there are many many many Malaysians who feel too good for the country or don’t feel attached to it enough to care about it. They tend to overstay when they get a taste of ‘Life in London’ which every single Malaysian does more or less aspire to be a part of. Either way it is because of these people that us innocent students have to suffer in places like you just mentioned n procedures you just mentioned.
    If every single student was just like you and I, with our proud 1 Malaysia spirit and puh-zaz, and returned home to rebuild/transform/reignite/build up whateveryouwanttocallit Malaysia we wouldn’t be in such a mess.
    To add on to this pressure, there is now a Conservative govt in charge. As centrist as the PM and DPM are up front, it doesn’t change the fact that the Conservative government is right-wing.
    We have two options.
    One; have somebody of the right stature and respect to send a rallying call to Malaysian overstayers to come home and help down here because as far as we may be from London, we’re getting there, slowly but surely.
    OR Two; hope Labour win the next election.
    MY comments aside though, I think all the waiting is worth it. I did my A levels in the UK and its really worth the pain of getting a visa. Uni can only be better.

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