Failed Appeal

It was a devastating week for me when I got news of my CIE A-level results, and the correspondence with my first choice university saw no hope at all when I tried sending in my appeal. I was even joking with a friend that, if I had been in London at that moment, I would have barged into the Admissions Department with an armful of English scones and coffee armed with a 99999999 Mega Watt Smile and an award winning persuasion line. If that failed, I’d start pole dancing.  xD.

Anyway, this was what I wrote to the Admissions tutor and the Head of Department (in two separate e-mails) :

Dear Sir,

With all due respect, I wish to appeal for the reconsideration of admission to UCL for undergraduate study of Chemical Engineering.

My underperformance in the recent A-level was due to failure on my part to prioritize what needed to be prioritized. I became too carried away with my extra-curricular activities that I did not spend enough time doing revision.

I am passionate about entering UCL because it is an institution whereby open-mindedness is tolerated and unconventional ideas considered, if not valued. As a science student with a prowess in the performing arts, studying in London will enable me to thrive in both the academic and the creative field.

I am willing to put up with extra hours of work and assignment to keep myself on par with the university standards should I be accepted.

Thank you for taking the time to read my appeal. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.

Yours truly.

Almost immediately I got an Auto-reply:

Thank you for your email. Due to a high volume of messages to this account we may not be able to respond immediately but will aim to do so within 5 working days.

Your patience is greatly appreciated and we would ask you not to send multiple emails.

Kind regards,

Faculty Office

And then a human reply from the Head of Dept who then forwarded it to the Admissions Tutor who then replied to me:

Dear Nur,

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do. UCL does not allow us to make any special case even for any near-miss applicants, however close.

Kind regards.

I could almost hear my world falling apart around me, but I was already dreading the worst. The next following nights was spent sleeplessly searching the internet for universities with potential vacancies for Clearing.

My Facebook status was then:

Ladies and Gents,

I need all the luck I can have today.

Targeted Clearing options : Chemistry (BChem), Manchester or Chem Eng (BEng) Heriot-Watt

For those of you who have met/exceeded your offers, STAY OFF THE PHONE and let the less fortunate get through the line.

Quoting a BBC news article a few days later:

Ucas counted 1.5m log-ins to its application-tracking website and answered thousands of phone calls. And individual universities said they had received thousands of calls, jamming switchboards in some cases.

Thank God on the 19th of August my insurance offer turned Unconditional. Alhamdulillah. Now I’m telling the world I’M GOING TO BATH!

Check – I’m happy!

THANK YOU to everyone who wished me luck and prayed for me. A BIG HUG to all of you! Cheers!

2 Responses to “Failed Appeal”
  1. RS says:

    I’m happy for you Nadhirah! ALL THE BEST. Alhamdullilah.

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