Buh-bye London

As my Facebook homepage is littered with congratulations or what not, the peace of the afternoon (I just woke up) was shattered by the fact that I have just missed the grades for UCL. And also Bath, my insurance. Feeling crap? Oh yeah. Hanging thyself? No. Not just yet.

My dream job is to work in a chocolate factory or a confectioners. Oh, have I told you that I would love to be the one who holds the ping-pong bat lookalike who guides the airplanes on the tarmac? That’ll be awesome!

Anyway, right now I am considering my options. Option A – apply for an Apprenticeship. Option B – Go Local. Option C – Start up my own cupcake business!  A few friends considered the possibility of an appeal. Perhaps. But screw it laaa. Mummy already bought the flight tickets. Up for grabs anyone??

4 Responses to “Buh-bye London”
  1. someonewhocares says:

    appeal2.don’t give up yet!

  2. RS says:

    what’s the course u applied for?? I agree with the person, appeal! You’re super bright. You can do this. =) MUAH!!

    • prepdiary says:

      thanks! me doing Chemical Engineering. Appeal in progress. I’m seeing a glimmer of hope in Scotland if I don’t end up in London. Pretty nice place it seems, but keeping me fingers crossed 🙂

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