MSLS, Part 3 : Mouhyeedeen Potong Steam and Other Stories

‘Potong Steam’ literally means cutting steam. It is a term used for someone who kills the enthusiasm of others. What happened was that everyone was looking forward to a Q & A session with Mouhyeedeen after his keynote address. After approximately 5 minutes of introduction, 80 seconds of the main body (of the speech) and 5 minutes of conclusion he left the room. Nearly everybody went “WHA…”

I presumed his having not prepped for the speech, with spilt coffee on his notes which blurred all the writing in it contributed to his insignificant speech. He spoke so slowly I could actually write down the whole speech without missing a word. All I remember was that he mentioned “human capital” twice and commented that MSLS or UKEC or whatever it was, is proof that we are loyal to the country or something along that line.

The Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ), Ibrahim Ali and Khalid Ahmad showdown, “Will Politics of Ideology Trump That of Race” was interesting to watch. I was observing their body language more than listening to what they were saying. Performance wise, KJ was easily the best speaker. He was confident and had energy in his words. The other two were droning away causing my eyelids to droop. I woke up to find Ibrahim Ali flailing his arms and losing his cool as he rebut what KJ said and answered sharp questions from the audience.

The audience were cheering, booing and I (having missed some parts of what was said earlier) went, “What the hell is that old man doing???” All I saw was a yellow shirted guy flailing his arms, half speaking half shouting, like a trapped oversized yellow bird trying to break free.

Honestly, all these parliament speakers and ministers need to join Toastmasters and learn how to give a proper speech. Intonation, body language, eye contact, et cetera. At least humour me by making crap sound convincing. That would have been enough.

Peace out!


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