MSLS , Part 2 : We are happy people :D

Having been studying in Mantin for six and a half years, I find that nearly any other student (SPM, A-level, Undergrad, Postgrad…etc) is related to or have known a friend of mine or someone I happened to know. Therefore, I feel happy to add someone on Facebook who does not have a mutual friend with me but is not some strange stalker out there who requests to be your friend just for the fun of it.

Happy person number one: The summariser.

He is nearly a decade older than me and his mind is a wealth of knowledge. When all the politicians or CEOs use a whole lot of jargons in their speech and goes round and round with what they are trying to say, he summarises twenty minutes of mind boring speech to five minutes, short and sweet. Keeps complaining of hunger. Wanted to ask Tengku Razaleigh a question but directed to me instead.  He lost the opportunity to do so and was forced to hold his peace, forever.

Happy person number two: The unrelated “brother”.

I was tempted to put him as the annoying pest, but. . nevermind. He was a refugee in the group I was in after his group (Group V) vanished. Our sole goal is to annoy the crap out of each other, to the expense of people seating in front, next to, and behind us. When he is hungry and no real food to gorge on, he chews all the Menthos he sees in front of him. Threatened to chew my head off when I became REALLY annoying. Kept me alive during the deadening speeches.

Happy person number three: The girl who gave us cute keychains at the end of the day.

That was so nice of her and the keychains we’re adorable too!

There were lots of other happy people there too, but these are the top three happy people on my list. Congratulations! HAHAHAHAHA. Yes, I know. Information overload drives me nuts. Till the next update, Au Revoir!

p.s: pictures edited using Poladroid.


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