MSLS , Part 1: Where people congregate in suit and ties on happy sunny weekends

I was placed into a group of awesome people for discussion. All of us ‘clicked’ rather easily, considering it was the first time most of us met. We lovingly called our group leader “Boss”. The elected secretary (was a guy) happily shifted all work to her (it was a lady Boss) with total success, be it taking down notes or collecting the members’ contact details.

This year’s discussion was aided with questions with specific details, which made life easier. We were given the topics “Lowering Election Age to Below 21” and “Corporate Malaysia”. I can only remember the vague details;
Corporate Malaysia:

How the government can urge more of the smaller companies to export their products.

Provide microcredits for small scale entrepreneurs. Microcredits are similar to the usual bank loans to for businesses, only smaller in sum and with lower interest rates.

Subsidies – All of us agreed that it is the smaller companies which needed the subsidies more than established giant ones.

Tax relief – this will be an incentive for aspiring individual and family businesses. The money for paying taxes is better used if invested into the business for more growth.

Why do we need to expand our business to the Asia Pacific region (or something like that).
To gain more profits and nurture international ties.

Lowering Election Age to Below 21:

Conclusion (my memory is all mashed up at this point): Election age should be reduced to 18 but accompanied with proper amendments to the constitution (I can’t remember which part).

The reason being if adults with little rational capabilities are allowed to vote, why not let the more informed young adults vote too.  And also the worrying number of immigrants with Malaysian citizenship registered to vote. Apparently the ratio is 9:1 to the number of locals.

Just a little note, the MSLS series of posting is not in chronological order. Tell me what you think by writing in your comments below. Til the next post, Au Revoir!


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