The recent news on The Star “EPF to Invest RM4.88 bil in UK Properties” simply makes me want to go “Allelujah!” and give a thunderous applause. Just last week, my mother and I and a close friend of hers popped into the KWSP branch in Kuala Lumpur (thinking it was the headquarters, internet can be … Continue reading

Visa Application – Part Three

I wore a yellow shirt and a huge smirk and I can bet you, I was the liveliest person at the visa application centre after two hours had passed. More than half of the people in wait had fallen asleep or zoned out , out of boredom. I had been talking non-stop to whoever was … Continue reading

Visa Application – Part Two

By the time I actually got to submit my documents and my biometrics taken it was nearly 5pm in the afternoon, and I have been there since 8.30am. I made several updates on my Facebook profile page albeit illegally, as you are not supposed to be using your mobile phone or any electronic device at … Continue reading

Visa Application-Part One

I am extremely unhappy with the way things are done at the visa application centre. From the failed air-con to the grumpy staff, I was more concern of the parents who had to stand for hours while waiting for their children. There was no place designated for the aging peeps to rest themselves as the … Continue reading

Failed Appeal

It was a devastating week for me when I got news of my CIE A-level results, and the correspondence with my first choice university saw no hope at all when I tried sending in my appeal. I was even joking with a friend that, if I had been in London at that moment, I would … Continue reading

Buh-bye London

As my Facebook homepage is littered with congratulations or what not, the peace of the afternoon (I just woke up) was shattered by the fact that I have just missed the grades for UCL. And also Bath, my insurance. Feeling crap? Oh yeah. Hanging thyself? No. Not just yet. My dream job is to work … Continue reading

Bad Hair Day

I got a haircut today. The result wasn’t a nightmare (thank goodness) but the process was. And today is the day when everybody seems to have gone off for holiday when I have business to do with them. Honestly, Malaysian entrepreneurs have a long way to go in terms of customer service. It was 3pm … Continue reading

MSLS Part 4 – Tengku Razaleigh’s TED Worthy Speech and Other Stories

Tengku Razaleigh is the Former Minister of Finance, now Member of Parliament of Gua Musang. His officiating address made it worth waking up in the wee hours of the morning to catch the early morning train to KL, in time for his speech. On the other hand, our current Minister of International Trade and Industry, … Continue reading

MSLS, Part 3 : Mouhyeedeen Potong Steam and Other Stories

‘Potong Steam’ literally means cutting steam. It is a term used for someone who kills the enthusiasm of others. What happened was that everyone was looking forward to a Q & A session with Mouhyeedeen after his keynote address. After approximately 5 minutes of introduction, 80 seconds of the main body (of the speech) and … Continue reading

MSLS , Part 2 : We are happy people :D

Having been studying in Mantin for six and a half years, I find that nearly any other student (SPM, A-level, Undergrad, Postgrad…etc) is related to or have known a friend of mine or someone I happened to know. Therefore, I feel happy to add someone on Facebook who does not have a mutual friend with … Continue reading