MSLS : a prologue

The reason why I attend such events is more of the networking opportunities rather than the speeches themselves. Though I must add that Tengku Razaleigh’s opening address was TED worthy, really. I shall bug some of my seniors in the committee members for a video of his speech.

Anyway, I made acquaintance with a whole lot of very interesting people. Which is refreshing, considering I spent more than two weeks in ‘isolation’ (curling up on one edge of the sofa fiddling with the remote control and going online for unproductive reasons 90% of daylight time).

I was whole heartedly disappointed that Muhyiddin didn’t have a Q and A session seeing to that I actually prepared several questions tailor made for him.

Was suprised nobobdy mentioned anything of Wikileaks, which also holds an archive of Malaysia’s supposedly confidential info which could threaten national security. This issue was all over BBC this week when documents relating to the Afghan war was leaked out online. Quoting a newsreader, “Taliban is a sofisticated organization… and they know how to operate computers and the internet.”

Couldn’t each much since still recovering from food poisoning two days ago. Ate a personal pan pizza and drank pepsi for dinner. Apart from a short period of belching and flatulating, nothing worse came after that. Consider myself fully healed? 85% perhaps.

Came to the conclusion that Malaysian journalist tend to be emotional when writing news articles which should be reserved for their own columns or blogs.

That is all for now. Til the next ‘proper’ post, Au Revoir!


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