Larger Fonts Please

I have been stalking people’s blogs out of boredom, only to find my eyes squinting to read the words in

small fonts and neon colours.

I am a myopic with prescription glasses powered over 700. I am put off reading your life story not because it is maddeningly mundane, but because it may cost me a new pair of glasses over time!

Another factor that puts me off reading your life story would be immature typing. LyKE tHiS fOr eXaMpLE. It is a headache to comprehend.

Speaking of font size, I have yet to finish reading the visa application ‘manual’. It is paaaages long and the font size is SO tiny. I’ll need my magnifying glass and a ruler to make sure I read every single line (it is important to know what you have to know to apply for your visa) and not miss any fine details.

I finished ‘Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel’ by Susanna Clark in two weeks, and the font size is 13, I think. It was over 800 pages long. Therefore, a manual of about 12 pages with a font size 11 shouldn’t be a problem, no?

One Response to “Larger Fonts Please”
  1. RS says:

    I agree with the fonts thing!! It annoys the crap outta me when people write in neon colours.

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