Bleach, with a twist o’ Lemon

The bathroom looked as if a monkey had just dropped through the ceiling earlier. The Electrician came today to fix a new fan in the master bedroom and new ventilators in the two bathrooms. Meanwhile, I was upstairs in the surau cleaning the windows and the wudu’ area. I used diluted bleach to clean the windows and both bleach and Zip for the wudu’ area. The label on the Zip cleaner said it contained bicarbonate. I used it with the bleach hoping to get some kind of a menthos-coke effect, much to my disappointment. I still needed to scrub hard to remove a little of the dust stain (it is similar to coffee stain, but is made up of dust. Happens when you run water over a dusty area and leave it to dry ). Maybe lemon and real soda bicarbonate works better?


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