Mortar and Pestle

Dear readers, apologies for the long absence. The holidays have drove my mind numb and lethargic. I am now reduced to a puny lazy bum, leading a sedentary lifestyle, accumulating the calories in all the strategic places and playing Neopets. Read on to discover my very unexciting out of school lifestyle.

I made jenahak fish asam pedas a couple of days ago when I discovered that my pounding skills have yet to improve. I can pound as hard as I can for ten minutes only resulting in a messy kitchen and half-intact onions, or whatever I am pounding. Obviously the easiest option will be to use a blender, but my mum insist I learn how to pound properly. One of the reasons being you might not be able to purchase one immediately when you are overseas and any electrical item will prove useless in a power cut.

The asam pedas turned out well, with the exception of being a tad too spicy and sour (thus its name ‘asam pedas’ directly translated sour and spicy). My mum and I had it for lunch and dinner and wiped the bowl clean with a whole packet of Gardenia.


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