My Minions

I just love teasing my juniors back in the house. I’ll call them all sorts of names in the name of stress relief. I drive them nuts with all sorts of lyrics I make up spontaneously. The most agonizing would have been the parody of James Morrison’s Broken Strings. You can’t study with broken brains/ you can’t read anything/ that your brain don’t want to read/ I can’t tell you something that ain’t real. . .C3 hurts, C4’s worst/how to study anymore/when I loved maths a little less/than before. . .

from left; myself, Kawaii-chan, and Ms Cheng

Ms Tan is a semi-pro cosplayer. She looks uber KAWAII in colourful wigs and anime costumes. She made me addicted to Carameldansen. Her nicknames – Busty, Ka-tun, Kawaii-chan.

Ms Cheng loves to drink Red Bull to keep her awake and energized as she burns the midnight oil. I’ll terrorise her into submission by blabbing all sorts of Chemistry hopscotch of the ingredients in Red Bull and then giving her my evil laughter. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Rabbit Cheng

Another Ms Cheng. Nicknamed Rabbit Cheng. Super cute and she loves my cupcake.Currently pursuing advanced diploma in Piano alongside her A-levels.

Another Ms Tan. Nicknamed Imperturbable Schtick due to her unflappable, unruffled and nonchalant character. Hobnobs lover.


The Whale

Ms Ruz. Superwoman and Go-getter, I call her Whale due to her prowess in the water. She calls me Dugong. Among her favourite foods are oysters and icing (no, she doesn’t eat both of it together).

Ms Tong. Nicknamed Beyonce due to her prowess in gyrating her hips and moving to the rhythm. Sentimental on losing her Dynamo (a laundry detergent).


Ms Ho. Famous for her sky high cheerleader ponytail, being aggressive on the netball field and her amazing enthusiasm and spirit, we call her Yakuza. She loves to roll up her sleeves (regardless of wearing long or short sleeved shirt) and is steadfast to the point of being stubborn at some times.

Mary, my Masseur. She’s really good in relieving headaches and backaches. She left for KYUEM last month.

The Imperturbable Schtick and the Super Athletic Girl

Meenie the Super Athletic Girl. Does sit ups, air-cycling and push ups while watching teevee (well, at least once I saw her doing that).


Honeystar! Haha, that’s her nickname. My Vico supplier and early morning breakfast company.

Opera Singer

Another Ms Cheng. The Opera Singer. As her nickname implies, she’s a budding talent with powerful soprano vocals. I miss her bathroom wailings.

Ms Low. The Karate Kid. If I’m not mistaken, she already has a black belt in karate. Another diploma level pianist.

I bet you they’ll miss my agonising singing and crazy laughter and the times I’ll barge into their rooms and distract them from finishing their prep. So much for all my ‘evil’ doings. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Til the next post, Au Revoir!


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