Missing Mantin

    Some of the things I will miss after leaving Mantin will be the pampering and the luxury of a private boarding school such as :

  1. Free Supply of Toilet Rolls – I am rather hesitant to use the restrooms if no tissue is provided. It makes me uneasy not being able to dry myself properly after doing my business. I usually bring my own toilet roll when I travel. It is a talisman for going into those dingy restrooms in the highway rest houses.
  2. The Housekeeping – Our rooms are swept , toilets washed, and wastepaper bin cleared on a daily basis. The floors are mopped every two days. Unlike typical government schools where you have the students to clean their classrooms, Mantin people don’t. The housekeeping does.

    The Head Boy and I with the Housekeeping staffs

  3. This is just a fraction of the amount of papers mounting up after the exams.

  4. The Industrial Printing Machines – As sixth formers, we have unlimited printing quota. Students of forms five and below are limited to 50 pages a month, which is quite a substantial amount.  Although we are only limited to black and white printing, it proves useful for printing out vast amounts of past years papers during the exam season. Cost inclusive of your school fees.
  5. The Laundry – Laundering services are provided from Monday to Fridays. All you have to do is fill up a laundry form, stuff your soiled, dirty socks, t-shirt, uniforms into the provided laundry bag together with the form and leave it in the designated area where the laundry uncle/auntie will come to pick it up in the morning. When I had a room right above the laundry room, I used to drop my laundry bag from the window down to the Uncle Laundry’s van which was parked right outside the laundry room. Washed, dried and ironed laundry is delivered the next morning.
  6. The Air-Con – The rooms are air-conditioned (only from 6.00pm to 7.00am), the classrooms are air-conditioned, the library is air-conditioned, the Sixth Form Centre is air-conditioned, the….
  7. The Cook and I

  8. The Dining Hall – Yes, I know many people complain the Dining food lacks variety, is very oily, too spicy or such. But isn’t it very convenient to just line up, pick up your food, eat, and leave your used cutleries into a designated place for the Dining staff to wash for you later? You don’t have to think about what to cook everyday and you don’t have to clean up.
    Enough said about the pampering, there are people I will miss after leaving Mantin. Most of all, my minions which I enjoyed  giving nicknames and teasing around xD which will be featured in the next post. Au revoir!

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