My Thwarted Evil Plans

It was 11.00am when I snapped from my slumber. Oh  sh*t! I was late for Speech Day, when I was supposed to play the school song. I texted my mum, “Ma, did anyone play the school song?” She replied, “Yeah, where are you?” I texted back, ” I bangun lambat (I woke up late), will tell you later.”

By the time I changed out of my pajamas and got into the hall, it was 11.30am. I missed the prize-giving and the speeches but I was in time to watch the dances. It seemed nobody noticed me missing. Phew.

Apparently, the Principal said “I only have 12 months left” or something along the lines in his speech. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise I was not present. This is what I would have done – Stand Up and Do A Standing Ovation. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Evil Plan No.1 – failed.

I was thinking if I had woke up at seven or eight in the morning, I would work the school printer downright to the last ink and paper. On my board was written

“Things to do before 3rd July –

1.Print ALL Joe Hisaishi sheet music and

2.Finish Anita Desai”.

I finished reading Fasting Feasting and halfway through The Village by The Sea. Ok, tick. As for the former, I printed almost fifty pages of Studio Ghibli piano music soundtrack. Only moments before I am writing this, I finally manage to completely download Joe Hisaishi’s Piano Stories. Total pages = 45 x 3 =135 pages. The poor printer at home would die, I thought.

One of the things I’ll miss in school – the industrial printing machines . One of the things I will NOT miss in school – the troublesome proxy (4shared and Rapidshare is blocked, available downloads takes 10 minutes to dowload a 3-minute song, average). Evil Plan No.2 – Failed.

Evil plan no.3 – Jazz up the school song. I was thinking if I had been in command of the keys at the start of Speech Day, I would start with – “Are you ready MANTINNN!!!” and get someone to do the turntable and turn the boring, formal occasion into a huge party. I doubt the Principal will ever forgive me had I executed the plan. Evil Plan No.3 – Failed.

Oh, well. So much for the last of my uniform days. Next post : Missing Mantin.

p.s: sorry if your face is cropped out, pardon my amateur editing skills ~_~


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