MSLS : a prologue

The reason why I attend such events is more of the networking opportunities rather than the speeches themselves. Though I must add that Tengku Razaleigh’s opening address was TED worthy, really. I shall bug some of my seniors in the committee members for a video of his speech. Anyway, I made acquaintance with a whole … Continue reading

Visitors in the Kitchen

This dragonfly is a natural model. It waited until I finished taking its photograph before taking off. I loved how its vibrant colour made a contrast with my mum’s knife set in the background. This is a stray cat which loves to snuggle against my ankle every time I step outside to hang the laundry. … Continue reading

Rusty Keys

I just realised it has been two weeks since I last updated my blog. I haven’t been doing much but at least I’ve watched Inception and Despicable Me. Otherwise I curl up on a corner of the couch for hours on end wearing nothing but t-shirts and sarongs. With my messed up tresses, I can … Continue reading

Larger Fonts Please

I have been stalking people’s blogs out of boredom, only to find my eyes squinting to read the words in small fonts and neon colours. I am a myopic with prescription glasses powered over 700. I am put off reading your life story not because it is maddeningly mundane, but because it may cost me a … Continue reading

Bleach, with a twist o’ Lemon

The bathroom looked as if a monkey had just dropped through the ceiling earlier. The Electrician came today to fix a new fan in the master bedroom and new ventilators in the two bathrooms. Meanwhile, I was upstairs in the surau cleaning the windows and the wudu’ area. I used diluted bleach to clean the … Continue reading

Mortar and Pestle

Dear readers, apologies for the long absence. The holidays have drove my mind numb and lethargic. I am now reduced to a puny lazy bum, leading a sedentary lifestyle, accumulating the calories in all the strategic places and playing Neopets. Read on to discover my very unexciting out of school lifestyle. I made jenahak fish … Continue reading

My Minions

I just love teasing my juniors back in the house. I’ll call them all sorts of names in the name of stress relief. I drive them nuts with all sorts of lyrics I make up spontaneously. The most agonizing would have been the parody of James Morrison’s Broken Strings. You can’t study with broken brains/ … Continue reading

Missing Mantin

Some of the things I will miss after leaving Mantin will be the pampering and the luxury of a private boarding school such as : Free Supply of Toilet Rolls – I am rather hesitant to use the restrooms if no tissue is provided. It makes me uneasy not being able to dry myself properly … Continue reading

My Thwarted Evil Plans

It was 11.00am when I snapped from my slumber. Oh  sh*t! I was late for Speech Day, when I was supposed to play the school song. I texted my mum, “Ma, did anyone play the school song?” She replied, “Yeah, where are you?” I texted back, ” I bangun lambat (I woke up late), will … Continue reading