Anatomy of a Burnt Cupcake

Today I added a flair at the end of the school song. Today I laid off anime, cold turkey. Today I slaved in the kitchen. Today I successfully burnt over a dozen cupcakes. What a wonderful day!

I made two batches of cupcakes today. The first batch was baked at lower heat than specified by the recipe, so it took about an hour to be done. Being ambitious, I baked the second batch at a higher heat so the cupcakes will be done quicker – failed. However, all was not lost. I painstakingly peeled off the black crust off the cakes revealing an almost Red Velvet cake texture within.  I put a large chunk into my mouth (the chef is allowed to taste her own cooking). Oh, what delight! Off to chocolate heaven I went! (I’m not being narcissistic, its true)

Just like there is a concealer for blemishes, there is a way to conceal burnt cupcake tops. With half a block of butter, many cups of confectioners sugar and cocoa powder with enough caffeine of a cup of coffee I whipped up a bowl of chocolate frosting.

Not having a proper icing bag, I improvised using a zip lock bag with cut a hole in a corner. However, the aperture was rather large to do the icing properly. My first attempt looked like poop. Just that it tastes like heaven. Heavenly poop. Further attempts were equally weird (I tried a criss-crossed pattern, but well…my mum said it still looked like poop). Damage control , I sprinkled those colourful tiny sugar beads all over, and now they look decently presentable. Don’t you think so?

So much for lovely poop. Au revoir!

P.S: My friend Polona Grahek is doing a survey, a research for her thesis. It is about factors influencing young consumers  when choosing and buying a product – Shopping! So, if you are between 15 to 30 year old, you can help with her thesis by doing the survey, here. Thank you very much! Kisses and hugs – your lovely curly haired blogger.

2 Responses to “Anatomy of a Burnt Cupcake”
  1. RS says:

    ahahaha. It DOES look like poop! =p How disturbing. Hahaha.

    I know I’ve told you this before but I love your writing =)

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