Anime Overdose

I became a hermit, a recluse, coming out only for meals. I became an addict, pausing only to relieve myself or to perform my prayers. I stay in my pajamas all day long. I stay up long after everyone else have gone into deep slumber, immersing myself in a world where slain heroes are resurrected, human have superpowers and bad guys lose towards the end.

I copied season one of Code Geass from a friend yesterday, only to find the subtitles Chinese. I downloaded the English subs and then came the question of installing it. I tried over and over again (I Googled and followed some of the advice given) but to no avail (I downloaded mkvtoolnix but I wasn’t sure how to use it, so yeah). Frustrated, and desperately needing a good anime fix, I went around looking for my minions. Lo and behold! She had the whole of season one AND season two in her hard disk. Then begin my brain numbing anime marathon…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Watching Code Geass feels like watching a chess game. The protagonist, Zero a.k.a Lelouch commands his army using alpha-numeral codes; P5, R1 etc which is similar to the locations of the pieces on a chess boards. The exception being the characters fought in robotic armor called Knightmares which have super-capacitors capable of providing never ending laser beams, gamma rays, and the ability to move a bulky metal/alloy frame of several hundred kilos at lightning speed. Run out of energy? Its ok. All you have to do is change the battery. How convenient is that?

This anime is about an adolescent who is intent on taking over the world. He wants to create a world where everyonecan live in peace, regardless of race or religion. His prowess in playing chess made him an extraordinary tactician and Commander, leading his legion of freedom fighters to victory battle after battle. However, he lost the war (in the first season). This made him realise no matter how perfect his plans were, men are unpredictable and are not without flaws. The fighting made him realise there is no peace without bloodshed. And for every war he fought, more and more people were left widowed, fatherless, orphaned.

I have just begun to watch the second season. Anyway…

I saw a similarity between the protagonist and our own rakyat. Many people are unsatisfied with the way things are now, but lets just say, imagine, if they were given the power to rule the country right now, the power to change, will they be able to make a significant difference? High probability not. Just because you have brilliant ideas, theories, ideologies does not immediately make you a competent leader-to rule a country that is. There is also no way to please all 27 million people in this country.


I FINALLY RECEIVED A YELLOW SLIP! For those of you not in the now, yellow slips are given to highly commended students, either for scoring waaayy above average in exams or for completing a project extremely well. I have been starved of yellow and blue slips (for commended students) ever since I entered Sixth Form. It feels quite nice for your efforts to be recognised towards the end.

Til the next post, au revoir!

P.S: I’ve already started packing, but there so many things to pack!!!

2 Responses to “Anime Overdose”
  1. RS says:

    LOL. Congrats on getting the yellow slip! How come tak balik rumah?

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