MAGE Festa! – My First Cosplay Event

I am a self-professed semi-Otaku. I go “KAWAIII!!!” over ‘moe’-ness (moe- Japanese slang for cute).I start drooling in an Anime store. My eyes linger over anime DVD’s while my mum browses for books in Popular. My ringtone is Bleach’s first opening song, Asterisk by Orange Range. So when a friend of mine said something about an upcoming MAGE Festa I jumped at the opportunity to attend my first ever cosplay event!

However, the exclamation which marked my excitement became “_-  . Maybe I was expecting too much, but the atmosphere of the event was rather dull, even with people belting out anime songs out-of-tune onstage. But since I have made the tremendous effort of getting out of bed, getting dressed and getting out of school, I might as well try and have some fun.

There was a live Pacman RPG ( I don’t have any photo of it as my camera refused to work at the time) which would be awesome if we played it in school. Imagine the Principal as Pacman. Principal Pacman and the students as Ghosts . That would be pure fun!

Most of the cosplayers were amateur and rather clique-ish. Quite a number of them knew my friend whom I came with, and they were familiar with each other. Whilst they were chatting away ( I was standing next to her the whole time) I felt like wallpaper, so I swiftly moved away and pretended to be interested in anime figurines on display. It made me feel like screaming for a wig so I can cosplay, just so that I can mingle with them. Well, at least they obliged to take photos.

I saw interesting talents on display during the event. There was one booth where these two girls were making handmade jewelleries and and kawaii phone accessories. They were even selling a yukata (summer kimono) at a bargain! There were also another two girls who drew anime artworks for sale.

Look at their yukata. So KAWAII!!

Together, the three of them are "Rakuen & Yukkuri".

There was also this drawing (on the huge piece of paper where everyone is invited to sign and or draw on) which I thought it was awesome. I also took the opportunity to show off my skills. Hehehehe. . .  I noticed most people stuck to the conventional long-side-fringe-with-big-eyes anime style of drawing. I made a difference, didn’t I? xD

P.S: Today’s weather was great. The past few days have been cloudy and rainy. Apart from providing enough sunshine to dry my laundry, the lighting was so good I just had to camwhore.


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