The Case of the Wrong Number

Everybody would have had their fair share of ‘wrong number’ incidences. Everybody would have different methods of dealing with unwanted strangers sending them text messages. Well, this is mine.

I dialed a friend’s number wrong and the call was picked up by a man in drunken stupor.



“Hello, is this Daryl?”

“Siapa tuh? (who is this?)Mumblemumblejumpblegulfmbiulg.”

“Hey, its Nad- oh, sorry wrong number.”

The next morning, I received a missed call from the ‘wrong number’. He also sent a text message. It went like this:

Stranger : Sapa ni…? I dpt mis call frm ur no…(Who’s this? I got a missed  call from your number)

Myself :  Oh, sorry wrg no. but u called my no. first?

Stranger: K.. Any way.. May know who r u…?

Myself : Unless a mr.jones is trying to screw up ur youth then I have nothing to do with u.

Stranger : K.. Thanks 4 ur advice.. Bye

He never called or texted message me again.

Merci beaucoup Mr. Jones!


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