1920s Shanghai

“You look very elegant,” said the Principal’s wife. “Very 1920s Shanghai.” Hence the title for this blog entry. Last night was nothing short of uneventful; the constant ‘lens cover error’ on my camera and the biatch-y glance from the hotel staff. Taking out somebody’s contact lenses, the sore feet and best of all, the camwhoring.

The camera was rather moody last night, refusing to take pictures most of the time. So I had to make do by hijacking Kala’s camera and shooting away (I was also at the mercy of Shereen’s camera to shoot me). To make the experience even more pleasant, Kala’s camera was a semi-pro and it took a (looong) while for me to let it go.

When I first arrived at the hotel, I approached a hotel staff to ask where the function/ballroom is. The following encounter took place in Malay;

me:  Excuse me, can you tell me where the ballroom is?

staff: Where are you from?

me: KTJ

staff: Kolej Tuanku Jaafar? (scans me from top-to-toe with the biatch-y look)

me: Yes. (I was smiling pleasantly, but in my head – what the hell’s that look for!? I didn’t do anything to you! yet )

My mother would have had plenty to say if she had been given this subtle treatment. Come on, if you want to make profits don’t scare (or try to scare) your customers away. If you don’t like the job, find another one. If you’re stuck with it, don’t screw it up! Its rude to stare at other people (especially when they’re not being mean) with that kind of look. Thank goodness I had enough self-control to not look at her back DOUBLE the same way.

The lighting were pretty dim and a lot of the pictures were taken with flash, which resulted in a washed out, BP-slick face of mine appearing on the LED screen. My complexion was okay, really! In fact, both pictures featured on this blog entry were taken in the wee hours of the morning (after I got back to school, between 1.30-2.00am) without touch-ups since 5.30pm the previous day. Once I’ve got a regular paycheck and a small fortune to myself, I’m gonna get one of those industrial strength make-up primers and start looking good in harsh flash. HAH!

I would have loved to put on the red lipstick my mum loaned to me, but I was afraid it would not last til the dessert. It wasn’t actually the lipstick I was worried about, its the lip liner. Several test-drives showed that the lipstick would eventually fade to a pretty red stain after many gulps of water, but the lip liner stays on and it is of darker shade than the lipstick. I would look like a cartoon with my lips outlined. Not classy. No lip liner and the lipstick would bleed all over leaving me looking like a lil’ girl with Popsicle stains around her lips. Again, not classy. So I ended up wearing lip gloss instead.

After prom was over, while waiting for the bus, a shortie friend of mine S.O.S-ed for help to take out her contact lenses. Apparently, this time was her first time putting on and taking off contacts by herself, so she’s not really good at it. Being a veteran contact lens-er, I jumped to her rescue. I washed my hands with soap, dried it, and proceed to operation contacts.

She made life difficult for me by blinking each time I tried to pick them out. “Stop blinking!” I said. Remembering how difficult it was to remove my lenses the first time I had them on, I pinned her to the wall. “OK.” I said. “Stop flailing your arms around. You’re making life difficult for me. Relax.” She continued to blink. *Sigh* “Look,” I said. “I want you to look up for 3 seconds. Ok. One, two, three….TADA!!” I succeeded removing one of her lenses. “Ok, next. One, two, threee….WEEEE! See, I’m a PRO!” I can take out my own lens in two seconds, but I never knew I could take out somebody else’s that fast.

By the time we got back to school, my shoes were killing me but I still had enough enthusiasm for camwhoring. The two pictures featured were taken just outside my room. The camera was finally working. I steadied the camera on a shoe rack, put on the self-timer, and shoot myself away. Pretty advanced camwhoring skills, huh?

4 Responses to “1920s Shanghai”
  1. RS says:

    you’re really good at writing nadhirah! =D Love reading the blog posts.

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