1920s Shanghai – Part 2

Prom events in Malaysia are sit-down full course dinners. Unlike abroad where it is more of a cocktail party where you stand up, move around an savour cute little hors d’oeuvre which catalyses more socialising than static sit-down dinners. Anyway, we had Norwegian Smoked Salmon for appetizers which I ate three other people’s share as they do not eat or do not like salmon. Then we had Wild Mushroom Soup which tasted a little peppery.

The main course was a rather mediocre serving. It was Roasted Chicken Stuffed with Mushroom and Cheese (which I couldn’t find the cheese) served with mashed potato and some side vegetables and a stick of I forgot, asparagus? Well the stick of asparagus or whatever it was flew off my plate in an overzealous attempt at mutilating the chicken. The chicken was just slightly bigger than the size of your palm, and as mentioned, I couldn’t find the cheese. The mashed potato was good, but total volume spread across the dish was probably just one and a half tablespoon much. My grandpa’s mashed potato is waaay more satisfying.

Desert was Strawberry Sherbet, a Strawberry Something (which looked like a failed creme brulee, a little too sweet but tasted good with the biscotti) and a long piece of Biscotti.

I noticed all the waiters and waitresses wore black gloves and more than half were foreigners.

Throughout the course,  the candles (part of the table decor)  forebode the burning of the table had we not blow it out as it grew dangerously short. I couldn’t make out the lyrics of what the people were singing half the time as the the bass guitar threatened to deafen our ears. There were sketches in between singings, but we couldn’t hear what the actors were saying (except the part when they were yelling at each other and slapping and what not).

Anyway, I got to meet up with some of my old classmates. Its been quite awhile we’ve seen each other and some of us are going abroad soon (myself included). We really should have a reunion before everyone goes separate ways. Thank goodness there’s Facebook helping us to stay in touch!

Warm regards,

Your curly haired blogger.

ps: I’m the one on the left.


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