For the Sake of Looking Good

Klink! Klank! Wobble, wobble, wobble…oh, oh, oh, oh OOOFFF! Sorry monsieur, madame. . .pardon moi foot.  Let me tell you this  – I’m a novice at wearing heels. I have a high probability of toppling over whenever my heel is elevated than my toe. Only God (and my mum) knows how I survived my ballet classes as a child. I must have been one heck of an agile humpty-dumpty xD.

Nevertheless, I shall wear these shoes to prom tonight. I’ll probably need a pair of crutches, human crutches to lean on. Just in case. I shall put on a diva-ish glamorous smile as I wobble wobble into the ballroom. Maybe I should practice my falling down pose. Just in case. Perhaps I should bring along a travel pack of Yoko-Yoko and several sets of plasters in my clutch. Just in case.

Oh! For the sake of looking good!

From constricting corsets to killer heels, women have always gone the extra ten miles to satisfy their self-vanity. Many people (not just ladies, men as well) feel insecure about the way they look. Common phrases used, “I’m fat” or “My bum is so huge!” are often spouting from their mouths to the point of influencing other people around them who have no problem with the way they look. Honestly, I find this terribly annoying. Especially when It comes from people who are of above average beauty.

I shall not hear them when they say these sort of things. Period.

The general population are easily influenced by the definition of beauty of the mass media. Look around you and you will find billboards of heavenly good looking ladies and gentlemen. Open your eyes people! These are products of professional makeup artists, professional photographers, and Photoshop airbrushing. And models who skimp on food and work out all day. These people make a living by transforming ordinary homo sapiens to something from Shangri-la.

You can look like those models too. Just waltz into any decent photo studio and let the professionals snap away. You’ll even get to try on that gorgeous Cinderella dress.

By the way, a friend of a friend of mine is doing a survey for her thesis titled : “Factors influencing young consumers’ perceptions in the Islamic world: a comparison between Turkey, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Egypt and Slovenia”. You don’t have to be a Muslim to do this survey and will only take up 5 to 7 minutes of your time. If you are between 15 to 30 years old, click here.

Have a nice day!


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