Stress Relief #101 – Kuih Kapit

1. Lihat 2. Ambil 3. Makan 4. Ulang semula

I feel so screwed lately. I can’t seem to focus and concentrate not more than 20 minutes and my math is asunder. I’ve got exams on Friday night and yeah, I’m trying not to lose my sanity in frantic panic. This is where my precious jar of kuih kapit comes to the rescue.

Kuih kapit are also known as ‘love letters’. They are similar to the ones sold in supermarkets, but homemade ones are more crispy and not as fragile. Kuih kapits now come in rolled-up or folded shapes. The ones I have been having are the folded ones.

Back to the kuih kapit.

The existence of the delicacy was kept a secret. Whenever I receive visitors, I pretend that it was never there and therefore, I do not offer it to anyone. It is consumed in the morning, afternoon, and late nights. It kept me company through hours of integration, differentiation, sine, cosine, tangent, and vectors.

Now, its gone. Finished. Ended.

No worries. I’m still ok but I’m still very much afraid of my math as my London is at stake.

It feels strange that a few months ago, I knew I wanted to go to London. However, this few weeks, the desire to BE in London was so strong I have been looking at pictures of London obsessively. I am aware that there have been several occasions where I passed with flying colours with last minute studying, but I really don’t know how I did that.

All the best I could do for now is to keep doing my math exercises, topic by topic, with increasing difficulty level.


Wish me luck!


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