Silent Agony

If you were invigilating the Chemistry 9701/42 today, you would have seen the faces I made during the exam. My facial muscles seemed to do almost as much work as my neurons did; twitch, stretch, pull, contract, and wrinkle reflecting the degree of terribleness of the question. My hair began to attract the charges in the air (frizz). Thank goodness I wasn’t wearing my contacts – they would’ve dropped off in shock.

For the duration of one hour forty-five minutes I had to make do with mental screaming.


WHAT THE !@2#4%$%^!!!


This was me during the exam.

Finally, it was over.

I made a beeline to the Dining Hall right after my paper to stuff curry puff into my mouth before I could start laughing like a madwoman. HAHAHAHAHA. In periods of extreme stress or difficulty, I clap and laugh. Those of you reading this may or may not have seen me like this. I haven’t gone to the full fledge extreme stress yet (for now), but I do yell at my practice papers when I’m alone in the room. That’s the primary level of stress.

I wished I had a Zanpakutou for a pencil and that A-levels are Hollows to be defeated.  That’ll be soo awesome!



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