The Shout of Reds

Big Bang k-pop group - from right Taeyang, TOP, G-Dragon, Seungri, Daesung

Nobody pumps up the atmosphere for the FIFA World Cup quite like the Big Bang does. Just watch and listen to this song and you’ll know why. Featuring Kim Yuna and Trans Fixion, this has got to be the hottest patriotic song, ever. I first listened to the song thinking it was just another pop song. Then, I searched for the lyrics, and mind you, I was impressed.  And all the while I was singing it I was actually supporting the Republic of Korea – but what the heck…my country is not even in the preliminaries for the World Cup ;p

Translation of the lyrics:

Oh Republic of Korea, shouts of victory!
Oh Republic of Korea, oh oh oh oh
[GD] O.K Baby
It’s the end of our wait, let’s colour it red
If you really wannna try stand in our way, you’re goin down
We’re the Republic of Korea, Let’s go together
Louder, BANG BANG Shout now, right now
[TOP] OK, above that fierce wave of red
High up in the sky with my fist clenced
Our warrior’s meaningful sweat, sweat
Shout, shout upon the Korean Flag
[YB]For this challenge that is endless like that blue sky
So everyone’s eternal dreams can become one and true
[Yuna]We can overcome anything if we want to
Put aside your fears and confront it, stand up now
[Chorus] 2x
[GD] Shout so the world can hear you
We’re the Red Killers, everyone step aside
Light and bright fire of victory Red soldiers, Man I told ya
Cock and load, aim and shoot
We never miss miss, you better kiss this
[VI]With our never ending passion
With our fighting spirit For victory
[TOP]Republic of Korea, we’re OK
Don’t stop no matter what, keep going
[DS]For our hope blazes like the hot sun
So everyone’s eternal dreams can become one and come true
[Yuna] We can overcome anything if we want to
Even if you fall over once, twice, stand up again towards your dream
[Chorus] 2x
[TF] Fight for victory, Korea
There’s no such thing as defeat now
Fight for victory, Korea
The Shouts of Red!
[Chorus] 2x

How cool is that?


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