Anatomy of a Burnt Cupcake

Today I added a flair at the end of the school song. Today I laid off anime, cold turkey. Today I slaved in the kitchen. Today I successfully burnt over a dozen cupcakes. What a wonderful day! I made two batches of cupcakes today. The first batch was baked at lower heat than specified by … Continue reading

Anime Overdose

I became a hermit, a recluse, coming out only for meals. I became an addict, pausing only to relieve myself or to perform my prayers. I stay in my pajamas all day long. I stay up long after everyone else have gone into deep slumber, immersing myself in a world where slain heroes are resurrected, … Continue reading

Last Sunday in Mantin

I took a break today after fasting for nearly a week. It was a good thing too as I went to see the doctor today to diagnose my swollen eye and he prescribed some tablets to reduce the swelling. The best thing was that the Dining Hall served pancake, half-boiled egg, and roti bom with … Continue reading

MAGE Festa! – My First Cosplay Event

I am a self-professed semi-Otaku. I go “KAWAIII!!!” over ‘moe’-ness (moe- Japanese slang for cute).I start drooling in an Anime store. My eyes linger over anime DVD’s while my mum browses for books in Popular. My ringtone is Bleach’s first opening song, Asterisk by Orange Range. So when a friend of mine said something about … Continue reading

The Case of the Wrong Number

Everybody would have had their fair share of ‘wrong number’ incidences. Everybody would have different methods of dealing with unwanted strangers sending them text messages. Well, this is mine. I dialed a friend’s number wrong and the call was picked up by a man in drunken stupor. “Hello?” “Mumblejumblefumblemumblemumblembumle.” “Hello, is this Daryl?” “Siapa tuh? … Continue reading

1920s Shanghai – Part 2

Prom events in Malaysia are sit-down full course dinners. Unlike abroad where it is more of a cocktail party where you stand up, move around an savour cute little hors d’oeuvre which catalyses more socialising than static sit-down dinners. Anyway, we had Norwegian Smoked Salmon for appetizers which I ate three other people’s share as they do … Continue reading

1920s Shanghai

“You look very elegant,” said the Principal’s wife. “Very 1920s Shanghai.” Hence the title for this blog entry. Last night was nothing short of uneventful; the constant ‘lens cover error’ on my camera and the biatch-y glance from the hotel staff. Taking out somebody’s contact lenses, the sore feet and best of all, the camwhoring. … Continue reading

For the Sake of Looking Good

Klink! Klank! Wobble, wobble, wobble…oh, oh, oh, oh OOOFFF! Sorry monsieur, madame. . .pardon moi foot.  Let me tell you this  – I’m a novice at wearing heels. I have a high probability of toppling over whenever my heel is elevated than my toe. Only God (and my mum) knows how I survived my ballet … Continue reading

Stress Relief #101 – Kuih Kapit

I feel so screwed lately. I can’t seem to focus and concentrate not more than 20 minutes and my math is asunder. I’ve got exams on Friday night and yeah, I’m trying not to lose my sanity in frantic panic. This is where my precious jar of kuih kapit comes to the rescue. Kuih kapit … Continue reading

Silent Agony

If you were invigilating the Chemistry 9701/42 today, you would have seen the faces I made during the exam. My facial muscles seemed to do almost as much work as my neurons did; twitch, stretch, pull, contract, and wrinkle reflecting the degree of terribleness of the question. My hair began to attract the charges in … Continue reading