Procrastination 101 – Egging the Cat to Eat the Frog

No, this is not a saying. People have various ways to kill time, and this is mine.

This was what I was trying to do 24 hours ago.

I came out of the Common Room after watching the idiot box for two and a half-hours. Then I saw…a Frog!

No. I didn’t freak out. I was concerned however, that the frog looked bloated. It wasn’t that the frog was huge, it looked like it could do with a loud belch and a smelly fart. A moment later came The Cat.

The Cat stared at it curiously. The Cat approached Frog with caution. Frog didn’t move.

The Cat sniffed at it.

No response from Frog.

The Cat found me more interesting and rubbed its head around my ankle instead. I took my water bottle (which I was holding on at that time) and poured water in Frog’s direction. It didn’t even batter an eyelid! Frustrated with It’s ignorance, I egged the cat to eat the frog. I was literally saying these out loud, talking to the cat.

The Cat. I didn't have the camera with me when all of this happened, this is a picture of The Cat on a different occasion.

“Look, Frog!”


“Go get it!”

The Cat continued to rub its head around my ankles, asking me to play. I tried again, this time by lifting the cat off the ground and placing it inches away from the frog.

“Look, spring chicken!”

The Cat sniffed around and prodded it with its paws.

Nothing happened.

Realising it was pointless to continue, I started to turn away. When I looked back, Frog was gone.

“Stupid cat.”

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