The Butterscotch Effect – Too much of a good thing

Definition : The emission of energy (kilo-joule) from glucose and caffeine from the absorption of Gardenia Butterscotch bread and tea. Where butterscotch supposedly brings joy and delight, it was otherwise for me. Maybe that’s what you call ‘too much of a good thing’.

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I went to the Tuckshop yesterday to buy bread with the intention of skipping dinner in the Dining Hall to study Physics. Standing before the bread rack, I was undecided whether to choose the Sinful Butterscotch or the Good Ol’ Wholemeal. Naturally, as a descendant of Adam, I chose the former. I went back to my dorm to make a cup of coffee and had a slice.

Two hours and some minutes later I went for dinner.

I returned from the Dining Hall with all the cells in my body fueled up to pump Physics into the brain.

About six hours later, Mission : Half of the Physics Applications Booklet covered – accomplished.

It made me a little hungry.

So I made myself a cup of tea (with a teaspoon of sugar) and had two slices of the Sinful Butterscotch (the little devil). I thought I could do with a little more revision (one can never have enough revision in the face of exams) and stayed up a little longer. It was close to 1.00am when I decided to call it a day. Into the cozy bed I parallel my back to the ground and . . .

nearly  started dreaming when suddenly the term ‘photoelectric emission’ popped in my mind.

It was a shock when I also realised I haven’t revised my Quantum Physics.

Oh Einstein, Planck and Bohr! It was 3.00am in the morning.

My tummy started grumbling, so I crept down to the pantry to get a bottle of warm water  to calm it down. I read the (yesterday’s) papers before going up to my room again. Still unable to sleep, I went through Quantum Physics.

If you were observant enough, you would realise that the time on the clock in the picture cites 4.05am. Sugar and caffeine have a very significant effect on my wakefulness. Give me a canned drink (be it Chrysanthemum or Coke) and it will drive me high – at a cost. After the few hours of hyperactivity I’ll feel even more sluggish that before.

Drinking or eating food with high sugar content also drives me hungrier faster – perhaps it is because the body digests simple carbohydrates faster so the stomach gets empty faster compared to when you have your ordinary meal (meat, potatoes, rice, vege, etc). Its not just Butterscotch, I once ate three slices of buttered white bread drizzled with honey and a mug of Milo to boot, and can still eat lunch less than two hours later – very unhealthy.

Lesson learnt – quit the Butterscotch, and absolutely zero caffeine 7.00pm onwards.

Maybe in a few days time because my packet of the little devil still has many slices left.

Oh, dear.

p.s: Physics paper 4 left me feeling like crap. Just had it a couple of hours ago.


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