Fragile Life

an emptied bird's egg

I picked this up on my way back to the house. To my dismay, it was empty, probably eaten by a snake. Or maybe a bat, as there were two neat, round holes at the top. I found it as a reminder to how fragile we were as a child. As a foetus, just the slightest slip of our mother would have been our end. As a baby, just the slightest choke (on a Lego or a very big piece of fries) would have caused asphyxiation. As a small kid, curiosity (eating Playdoh? Touching a live wire? Attempting to fly? Eating peanuts when you are allergic to it?) would have killed us if our parents or guardians weren’t there to save us. So be grateful to your parents and guardians for taking care of you. If not for them, you would not be reading this blog today 😀

be it a snakey or a bat, aye?

Have a nice day!

p.s: wish me luck for Physics tomorrow!

2 Responses to “Fragile Life”
  1. Yong says:

    True true. Where did you find that egg anyway? Btw, did you see the hatchlings on the ceiling near the entrance to the study centre?

    • prepdiary says:

      I found it in the drain next to the Art Center. I didn’t see the hatchling but I know there is a bird’s nest in the crevices of the ceiling above the ironing board on second floor. I think there’s going to be another one outside my room. There’s soo many birds!

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