Brick Wall

The brick wall in this context refers to a challenge or setback.

What will you do?

Everybody experiences a brick wall every once in a while. Whilst the frequency of one’s encounter with it varies from one person to another, unless you get over or around it you cannot continue with your object of pursuit.

What do you when you encounter a brick wall?

A.Walk  its length and go around it.

B.Try to jump over or climb over it.

C.Sigh, lean your back on the wall, stew in your misery and rot away.

Given the assumption that the wall is the Great Wall of China, option C seems to be the most likely option. No?

Most individual will think that they are alone in facing a problem. Little did they know, on planet Earth the habitat to over 6 billion homo sapiens they would be thousands of others with similar problems. To prove it, type in the keyword of your problem into Google search. Unless you are a breakthrough scientist with revolutionary ideas, you will most likely to find, if not the solution to your problem, other people with similar problems.

Back to the Great Wall of China.

Assume that the Great Wall of China is a manifestation of A-levels and an A* is equivalent to scaling the wall and reaching the other side. Will you be alone in the pursuit of getting over the wall? If you make the effort to walk a certain distance of the length of the wall, you will surely find people who share the same goal even if it is for different reasons.

Unless you are Naruto with a Rasengan or Kurosaki Ichigo with Zangetsu it will be impossible to get through the wall with brute force. Kicking a solid wall hurts, and digging is more effective to prepare your final resting place – a strong brick wall have an even stronger foundation. Some ideas you could try (when you have hundreds or thousands of like-minded people with you) :

1.Build a human ladder and step on each others head on the way up. If you are lucky enough to remain as the last person behind, pray hard some kind souls would reach their hands down and help you up.

2.Stare at a section of the wall intensely and break it down with sheer will power.

3.Get everyone to sing at the highest pitch they can and maybe someone will reach a frequency high enough to shatter the wall.

In “The Last Lecture”  Randy Pausch said,

The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people.
Did you know that studying for half and hour burns 61.5 calories? So what are you waiting for. .



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