Prelude of the End

Six years, four months, twenty-two and half days.

Six years, four months, twenty-three days. Take away about nine months of school holidays and one-half of every schooling week weekends. That is how long I have been in this school somewhere in Mantin. Today is the very last day I will be attending classes, and here are some pictures :

mr lai

Super Lai - our chemistry teacher

chem class photo

U6 Chemistry Class of '10

physics class

Mr.Ang's A2 Physics Class

However, this is not the end of my high school days, yet.

Exams are still not done with me. Envious of the tenderness of my neurons, they’ve decided to let me marinate further into my books, roll my brain into past-years papers before deep frying me in the real exams. End result – yummy brain tempura.

Best of luck to all taking exams out there!

May your brains stick with you.

math class

Ms. Ng's Math Class M1/C4


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